services that I OFFER

SCA Certified Training

I am an SCA Authorized Trainer for all 5 modules - Green Coffee, Sensory, Roasting, Brewing & Barista.
All my lectures and materials are custom made and follow the SCA curriculum and exam standards.

UCEI Certified Training

I am the Southeast Asia Manager for United Coffee Educational Institute (Seoul, South Korea).
UCEI program focuses on the practical aspects of baristas and roasters through experiential learning methods.

Post-Harvest Management Consulting

From harvesting best practices, processing workshops, and full range post-harvest management systems, I help farmers produce the best quality green coffee for their farm and their targeted goal.

Green Coffee Sourcing & Origin Trips

I provide sourcing services which include supplier connections, green coffee evaluation, and farm/processing auditing.
I can also arrange origin trips to most major coffee growing regions.

Roastery Setup & Operations

Facility layout, machine purchasing, green coffee sourcing, roast profiling, blending, development of SOP's and staff training are some of the services I provide for roasteries.

Cafe Setup & Operations

Cafe layout, equipment purchasing, and operational management consultation plus staff training and QC systems development are just a few services I provide.

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Thai: (+66) 930 389 695

Vietnam: (+84) 1222771811

57/2 Moo 8, Suthep, Muang

Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand